On the Way to School

Directed by Pascal Plisson

On the Way to School
Original Title: Sur le Chemin de l'Ecole
Directed by Pascal Plisson | 2013

Run Time: 77min

"EXTRAORDINARY ! On the Way to School reminds us that education is a treasure, a path for a better future." -Forest Whitaker

On the Way to School interweaves the stories of four children from around the world whose desire to learn and better their lives through education forces them to contend with arduous, often perilous journeys every day on their way to the classroom.  From the dangerous savannahs of Kenya to the winding trails of the Atlas mountains in Morocco, from the suffocating heat of Southern India to the vast, dizzying plateaux of Patagonia, these children are all united by the same quest, the same dream. By setting foot on their extraordinary path, by embarking on this adventure littered with traps and challenges, they will begin to leave their childhoods behind

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US Distributor : Distrib Film

Tuesday, March 10, 2015
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