Directed by Antonin Peretjako

You Want A Story? is short film written and directed by the talented comedic French filmmaker Antonin Peretjako. The film unfolds as a travel diary in which we are guided through beautiful footage, taken all over the world, with the director’s witty and personal narration connecting images and ideas, oscillating between imagination and reality. The film takes us on a trip, out of the ordinary, and invites you to do the same ­— if you are looking for a new story.

Commissioned by the young, tasteful French production company Le Septième Continent for their collection of short films entitled "Undead", Peretjako shot the travel images on different trips, without a script but with an aesthetic in mind. He used a hand crank 16mm camera, a camera where he wouldn’t face the issue of recharging batteries. Antonin Peretjako is one of the great new French directors revealed in recent years. His distinct style is refreshing the French comedy landscape — twisting and subverting the collective imagery of the Nouvelle Vague, charging films with physical gags and interesting social and political perspectives.

YOU WANT A STORY? (Vous voulez une histoire?)
Directed by: Antonin Peretjako
Cast: Pauline Ghersi, Lucie Borleteau, Laure Giappiconi
Year: 2014
Runtime: 10 mins
Shot on 16 mm

You Want A Story? is available to watch for free on from July 30th to August 12th.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017