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A Monkey on My Shoulder (A cœur ouvert)
Year: 2012 – 87 min
Director: Marion Laine
Cast: Juliette Binoche, Edgar Ramirez, Hippolyte Girardot…

Synopsis: Mila and Javier are both heart surgeons. Married for ten years, they have two passions: their love for each other and their work. But Mila unexpectedly becomes pregnant, and the prospect of a baby undermines the equilibrium of their relationship. Javier's weakness for alcohol then becomes a genuine concern...

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An African Awakening (Sababou, l’espoir)
2013- 100 min
Director: Samir Benchikh
Cast: Tiken Jah Fakoly…

Synopsis: This is the story of four young people struggling to bring change to Africa... All of them, in their own way, set up ambitious projects. Tiken Jah Fakoly, a singer renowned worldwide, strives to make people aware that a positive Africa exists. He mobilizes politicians to instigate peace actions and uses his fame to give a voice to the many people who struggle in their everyday lives. Like Tiken, Rosine, Michel, and Diabson are also fighting for education, justice and culture.

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Bachelor Days Are Over (Pourquoi tu pleures ?)
Year :
2011 – 99 min
Director: Katia Lewkowicz
Cast: Benjamin Biolay, Emmanuelle Devos, Nicole Garcia, Valérie Donzelli…

Synopsis: A few days before his wedding, a young man who’s used to never making decisions suddenly has a lot to decide. Between his fiancée, who disappears, his in-laws, whose language he can’t understand, the woman he’s just met, his sister, mother, friends, and even the workers renovating his apartment, who don’t seem to be making any headway, he must cope with matters that he’d hoped to avoid. Marriage and passion, family past and future married life, petals and sugared almonds – everything will be put to the test. 

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Bad Seeds (Comme un homme)
2012 -95 min
Director: Safy Nebbou
Cast: Emile Berling, Charles Berling, Sarah Stern, Kevin Azaïs…

Synopsis: Greg risks being expelled from high school after assaulting Camille, a young English teacher. To take revenge, Greg decides to kidnap her. His best friend, Louis, the 16-year-old son of the school’s headmaster, becomes his accomplice by giving him the keys to the family cabin located on a remote islet in the marshes. Tied up and humiliated, Camille is held prisoner there. The two boys are to free her the next morning, but Greg doesn't turn up at the agreed time...

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Beast Paradise (Le paradis des bêtes)
2011- 103 min
Director: Estelle Larrivaz
Cast: Géraldine Pailhas, Stefano Cassetti, Muriel Robin…

Synopsis: Dominique, a formidable and possessive father, manages a large pet store, the Paradis des Bêtes, with his domineering sister. A violent man, he oversteps the line one day with his wife Cathy, and then flees with their children Clarisse and Ferdinand.

He takes refuge with them in a fancy hotel in a chic ski resort on the other side of the border. Here he tries to create a world of illusion, in an attempt to win back his daughter and son, who, as it so happens, love him unconditionally in spite of everything.

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Blind Valley (Mineurs 27)
Year: 2011- 96 min
Director: Tristan Aurouet
Cast: Jean-Hugues Anglade, Marie-Ange Casta, Gilles Lellouche…

Synopsis: Stan and Wilson, two teenagers who apparently have nothing in common, share a passion for beautiful Deborah. While fighting to win her love, Stan realizes he and Wilson have actually already met and that they share a dark secret. A secret that Officer Descharnes, a strange cop who follows them everywhere, wants to keep buried forever.

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Borderline (Une pure affaire)
2011- 88 min
Director: Alexandre Coffre
Cast: François Damiens, Pascale Arbillot, Laurent Lafitte…

Synopsis: David has everything you could dream of. In his forties, he’s married and a father of two beautiful children, lives in a nice suburb, and is a lawyer in a respected law firm. But that’s not really how he sees things: his wife barely notices he exists, his children hardly talk to him, his job has become boring, and his colleagues make fun of him. His whole life is not at all the one he’d imagined for himself. So, when one night he finds a suitcase full of cocaine, along with a ringing mobile phone, he grabs the opportunity to become someone else...

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Year: 2012- 100 min
Director: Christine Laurent
Cast: Laure de Clermont, Markus, Teresa Madruga, Luis Miguel Cintra…

Synopsis: Although the film tells the true story of a writer, it doesn't follow her life from beginning to end, but shows how a young woman, Delmira Agustini, is caught between the pleasure, trance and fear of writing and the freedom that writing gives her. Set in Montevideo, in the early years of the 20th century, just before World War I, we witness joy, inspiration, word crises, life crises, hugs, kisses and ceremonies, laughter and drama.

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Flesh Memories: The Aftermath of Franco's Regime
(La mémoire dans la chair – Tierra de Sangre)
2012 – 111 min
Director: Dominique Maillet
Cast: Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Féodor Atkine, Julia Molkhou…

Synopsis: After fifteen years of exile, Thomas returns "home" to bury his father, a republican fighter right from the start who was captured by Franco's regime and who has recently died in prison.

Thomas’s story is that of a man alone returning to a country almost unknown to him. It is nevertheless his country, a place where ancient hatreds and vengeances stew and brew, over and over again.

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Guilty (Présumé coupable)
2011 – 102 min
Director: Vincent Garenq
Cast: Philippe Torreton, Noémie Lvovsky, Wladimir Yordanoff…

Synopsis: The film recounts the ordeal of Alain Marécaux, the “bailiff” of the infamous Outreau child abuse case, who was arrested, along with his wife, in 2001and accused of horrendous acts of pedophilia, which the couple never committed. It is the story of the descent into hell of an innocent man confronted with an incredibly unjust and inhumane judicial system, the story of his life and of the lives of people close to him that were crushed by one of the most serious French judicial errors of our time.

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Year: 2010 – 90 min
Director: Guillaume Nicloux
Cast: Judith Godrèche, Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Josiane Balasko…

Synopsis:  Michel and Nadine's weekend in the calm setting of a small countryside village was supposed to bring them closer together. When the couple arrives at the hotel, they meet their fellow hotel guests, all of whom are rather odd. After a particularly confusing night at the hotel, the opera singer Eva Lopez is found dead and Michel and Nadine find themselves caught up in a murder mystery.

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Kids of Today (Des Jeunes gens mödernes)
2011-97 min
Director: Jérôme de Missolz
Cast: Yves Adrien, Mathieu Chausseron, Lio, Edwige Bellmore…

Synopsis:  A legendary 70’s rock critic takes hold of a group of young counter culturalists. From Paris to Beijing, by way of New York, Montreal and Hong Kong, the night dwellers ride a William Burroughs’ wave. As decadent pasts and urban futures interweave, music from yesterday and today paves a revolutionary path. His skeletal silhouette coiffed with a big black chapka, the bizarre sixty-something introduces himself: 69-x-69, the executor of the will of Yves Adrien, that inventor of punk, of novö, the famed French music critic of times past.

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Land of Oblivion (La terre outragée)
2012 – 108 min
Director: Michale Boganim
Cast: Olga Kurylenko, Andrzej Chyra, Sergey Strelnikov…

Synopsis: April 26th, 1986. Anya and Piotr celebrate their marriage. Little Valery and his father Alexei, a physicist at the power station in Chernobyl, plant an apple tree. Nikolai, the forest warden, makes his rounds in the surrounding forests.
Then, an accident occurs at the power station.
Insidiously, radioactivity transforms nature. The rain is yellow, the trees turn red. Piotr, a volunteer fireman, leaves to extinguish the flames. He never returns. A few days later, the population is evacuated. Alexei, forced to keep silent by the authorities, prefers to disappear.
Ten years later, deserted Pripyat has become a no-man’s-land and a bizarre tourist attraction. Anya comes to the Zone every month as a tour guide, while Valery goes there to look for traces of his father. And Nikolai continues to cultivate a poisonous garden.
With the passing of time, will they be able to accept the hope of a new life?

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Last Winter (L’hiver dernier)
Year: 2012 – 103 min
Director: John Shank
Cast: Vincent Rottiers, Anaïs Demoustier, Florence Loiret-Caille, Aurore Clément…

Synopsis: Somewhere on a remote plateau. Johann has taken over his father's farm. He dedicates all his time and energy to it.

Before winter, a barn full of hay burns down, tipping the fragile balance of Johann's farm into the red. He withdraws into himself. A prisoner of his inheritance, he continues to accomplish the same daily tasks and tries to love as best he can the world in which he lives. He is unable to become attached to the people around him, at the exact moment when this world is on the brink of disappearing.

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Living on Love Alone (D’amour et d’eau fraîche)
Year: 2011 – 90 min
Director: Isabelle Czajka
Cast: Anaïs Demoustier, Pio Marmaï, Laurent Poitrenaux…

Synopsis: Julie Bataille, 23 years old, an A+ graduate, nothing but casual work. She’s had enough. She’s looking for a real job. During a job interview, she crosses paths with Ben. He’s decided to live from day to day by his wits and by petty crime. He proposes that she come and spend the summer with him in the south. Julie refuses, then, one day, on an impulse, she dumps everything and heads off to join him.

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Madame Solario
Year: 2011- 93 min
Director: René Féret
Cast: Marie Féret, Cyril Descours, Salomé Stévenin…

Synopsis: Lake Como, September 1906. Aristocrats enjoying a vacation beside the lake in a luxury hotel must welcome into their midst Madame Solario. Young and beautiful but also bankrupt and divorced, she is soon surprised by the unplanned arrival of her brother, Eugène Ardent, whom she hasn't seen for years. Brother and sister quickly become aware of the effect they have on the wealthy people of the select little world they now inhabit. They hence try to seduce several of them in an attempt to improve their own personal situations. But their dark past catches up with them and creates a scandal, forcing them to flee...

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Man at Bath (Homme au bain)
Year: 2010 – 72 min
Director: Christophe Honoré
Cast: François Sagat, Chiara Mastroianni, Dustin Segura-Suarez…

Synopsis: From Gennevillers to New York, Omar and Emmanuel go to great lengths to prove to each other that they're no longer in love.

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Memories Corner
Year : 2011 – 90 min
Director: Audrey Fouché
Cast: Déborah François, Hidetoshi Nishijima, Hiroshi Abe, François Papineau

Synopsis: Young French journalist Ada Servier arrives in Kobe to cover the memorial ceremonies of the massive earthquake that occurred there in 1995. Fifteen years after the disaster, the city’s wounds have finally disappeared but the former victims continue to suffer. Among them is Kenji whose past is hiding a secret that only Ada is willing to hear...

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Nuts (Ouf)
Year: 2013 – 88 min
Director: Yann Coridian
Cast: Eric Elmosnino, Sophie Quinton, Valeria Golino…

Synopsis: 41-year-old François has everything to make him happy: a wife, two children, a lovely apartment. But after yet another out-of-control episode, followed by an enforced rest at a mental hospital, Anna, the love of his life, kicks him out.

Shunted between a father, who treats him like a child, a psychoanalyst mother who receives him in the short gap between patients, and a best friend on the verge of a mental breakdown, François has only one thing in mind: to win back Anna.

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Of Women and Horses (Sport de filles)
Year: 2012 – 101 min
Director: Patricia Mazuy
Cast: Marina Hands, Bruno Ganz, Josiane Balasko…

Synopsis: Enraged by the sale of the vaulting horse that she'd been promised as hers to ride, Gracieuse, a talented rider, dumps her job at a stable.

She starts again from zero by accepting work as a groom at a dressage stud farm adjacent to her father's property. The owner, Joséphine de Silène, exploits with an iron fist the international renown of a German trainer, Franz Mann. This former champion, now cynical and worn out, is sought out by female riders the world over, who fight each other for his knowledge - and for his attention.

This microcosm of power and money has no time for Gracieuse, whose only assets are her talent, her fiercely stubborn character, and, most particularly, her determination to succeed. A live wire who's ready to stand up to Franz Mann and to face any obstacle, even if it means stepping outside the law, she pursues her sole obsession: to have horse to call her own that she will take to the top...

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One Day My Dad Will Come (Un jour mon père viendra)
Year: 2011 – 99 min
Director: Martin Valente
Cast: Gérard Jugnot, François Berléand, Olivia Ruiz…

Synopsis: Chloé has every reason to be happy. She's going to marry the man she loves, a former tennis champion who has gone into business. All she lacks is the ideal father to walk her down the aisle. Who will be the father of her dreams? Bernard, the cold aristocrat who suffers from OCD, or Gus, a generous rogue who's partial to alcohol?

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Our Day Will Come (Notre jour viendra)
Year: 2010 – 90 min
Director: Romain Gavras
Cast: Vincent Cassel, Olivier Barthélémy, Boris Gamthéty…

Synopsis: What do you do when you're a red-haired teenage loser with no friends except for some old guy, who happens to be your shrink? When everyone hates you, especially your family? When all your peers make fun of you and kick you around?
The answer: you and your loser buddy blow all the cash you can lay your hands on to buy a sports car, you dress smart and you head for the land of redheads, Ireland. But what starts off as a search for an ideal gradually escalates into a rampage of hate, violence and self-destruction.

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Play It Like Godard (JC comme Jésus-Christ)
Year: 2011
Director: Jonathan Zaccaï
Cast: Vincent Lacoste, Elsa Zylberstein, Aure Atika…

Synopsis: He won the Palme d'Or at the age of 15, the Cesar at 16. This year, he’s trying to graduate from high school. Jean-Christophe Kern, known as JC, is not a teenager like any other. A cross between Jean-Luc Godard and Justin Bieber, at 17 he oscillates between chomping his Cocoa Krispies in front of the television after school and a professional life worthy of Stanley Kubrick.

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Rebellion (L’Ordre et la morale)
Year: 2011- 136 min
Director: Mathieu Kassovitz
Cast: Mathieu Kassovitz, Iabe Lapacas, Malik Zidi, Alexandre Steiger…

Synopsis: April 1988, Ouvéa Island, New Caledonia. 30 gendarmes are taken hostage by a group of Kanak freedom fighters. 300 soldiers are sent from France to re-establish order. Two men confront each other: Philippe Legorjus, chief of the terrorist squad, and Alphonse Dianou, head of the kidnappers.

Through their shared values, they attempt to make discussion triumph.

But, in the middle of a presidential election, when the stakes are political, order isn't always dictated by morality.

A violent and troubling epic that marks the return of Mathieu Kassovitz in front of and behind the camera.

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Rich Is the Wolf (La richesse du loup)
Year: 2012 – 86 min
Director: Damien Odoul
Cast: Marie-Eve Nadeau, Damien Odoul…

Synopsis: Olaf is missing. All he left his lover Marie is a box of tapes with hundreds of hours of rushes (the last seven years of his life), along with a notebook. Marie decides to investigate. Day in and day out, she watches these images, these fragments of a life, and attempts to reconstruct the journey of the man she loves so as to better understand why he disappeared.

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The Screen Illusion (L’illusion comique)
Year: 2010 – 77 min
Director: Mathieu Amalric
Cast: Denis Podalydès, Muriel Mayette, Loïc Corbery…

Synopsis: The Screen Illusion follows a father seeking to find his long lost son, whom he hasn’t seen in over a decade. The search leads him to a cave inhabited by a wizard with the power to make up for lost time; the wizard shows him everything he missed out on during his son’s life. Mathieu Amalric’s film adaptation of Pierre Corneille’s classic play is set in modern-day France: in this adaptation, the wizard is a technologically savvy Concierge, and the cave where they meet is the cellar of a luxurious Parisian hotel, where the film’s action takes place.

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Severn, the Voice of Our Children (Severn, la voix de nos enfants)
Year: 2010 – 120 min
Director: Jean-Paul Jaud

Synopsis: At the Rio de Janeiro International Earth Summit in 1992, for the first time in history, a child stood up and questioned those responsible for taking care of our planet.

Our actions do not reflect our words: Planet Earth is still in the same state today, and Severn, now an adult, is expecting her first child. She once again takes the floor, explaining that although the situation is urgent, there is still time to make a change.

In this emotional documentary filled with hope, Severn stands as a reference for those who, from Canada to Japan, and not forgetting France, are taking concrete and positive action to respect biodiversity. But who will answer Severn's appeal for change?

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Year: 2010 – 90 min
Director: Charles de Meaux
Cast: Nicolas Cazalé, Fan Bing Bing, David Carradine…

Synopsis:  After being suspended for illegal drug use, French racing jockey Christophe travels to Macao and hooks up with star trainer Way Way. He soon hits a winning streak, making fast money and fast friends, but finds himself caught in a dangerous web of crime and corruption.

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The Dandelions (Du vent dans mes mollets)
Year: 2012-89 min
Director: Carine Tardieu
Cast: Agnès Jaoui, Denis Podalydès, Isabella Rossellini, …

Synopsis: Stuck between her parents, who smother her with love, and constant blunders, nine-year-old Rachel counts the minutes separating her from freedom. Until the day her path crosses that of intrepid Valérie.

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The Little Tailor (Petit tailleur)
Year: 2011- Short Film, 45 minutes
Director: Louis Garrel
Cast: Léa Seydoux, Arthur Igual, Albert Igual

Synopsis: Arthur is twenty five years old and an apprentice tailor in Albert's workshop. Albert is eighty and loves Arthur like a son, who reciprocates these feelings. Soon to retire, Albert has chosen Arthur as his successor. But one evening, Arthur is taken to the theater by his friend Sylvain. He falls deeply in love with Marie-Julie, the lead actress in the play. To seduce her, Arthur makes her a little dress. Both lovers decide to stay together forever and defy each other to relinquish everything for their love. But can Arthur accept to let Albert down?

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The New Watchdogs (Les nouveaux chiens de garde)
Year: 2012 – 104 min
Directors: Gilles Balbastre & Yannick Kergoat

Synopsis: In 1932, the writer Paul Nizan published The New Watchdogs to denounce the philosophers and writers of his time who, sheltering behind intellectual neutrality, imposed themselves as genuine watchdogs of the established order.

Today the watchdogs are journalists, editors, and media experts who've openly become market evangelists and guardians of the social order. In a sardonic manner, The New Watchdogs denounces this media that, claiming to be independent, objective and pluralist, makes out it is a democratic force of opposition. With forcefulness and precision, the film points out the increasing danger of information produced by the major industrial groups of the Paris Stock Exchange and transformed into merchandise.

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The Rest of the World (Le reste du monde)
Year: 2012 – 82 min
Director: Damien Odoul
Cast: Marie-Eve Nadeau, Judith Morisseau, Aurélie Mestres…

Synopsis: Eve is a young woman living in the south of France. One night, her lover kills himself and she soon finds out she is pregnant... Shortly after, over a dinner at their father's house, their mother-in-law reveals a long-hidden family secret to Eve and her two sisters. Judith, the eldest, is now convinced that her father is not her real father. She sets out on a quest to find him while Eve wonders whether she should keep her child…

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The Stargazer (L’œil de l’astronome)
Year: 2011 – 90 min
Director: Stan Neumann
Cast: Denis Lavant, Elise Caron, Max Baissette de Malglaive…

Synopsis: 1610. Johannes Kepler, astronomer to Emperor Rudolph II, is on a quest to find answers to the heavens' mysteries. Is the Earth really the centre of the universe? What regulates the planets? For just ten nights, Kepler has the use of the telescope designed by Galileo. This doesn’t give him much time to prove his theories. Not only that, but several troubling characters interfere with his investigations.

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Think Global, Act Rural (Solutions locales pour un désordre global)
Year: 2010 – 113 min
Director: Coline Serreau

Synopsis: “Films full of warnings and disasters have been made and have served their purpose, but now it is time to show that solutions do exist. It is time to hear what farmers, philosophers and economists have to say. While explaining why our social model has got bogged down in the ecological, financial, and political crises that we all know about, these people invent and try out alternatives.” - Coline Serreau

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Top Floor, Left Wing (Dernier étage gauche gauche)
Year: 2010 – 93 min
Director: Angelo Cianci
Cast: Hippolyte Girardot, Fellag, Aymen Saïdi, Judith Henry…

Synopsis: This is not the way it was supposed to turn out.

Like every other morning, François Echeveria, a bailiff, should have been able to carry out his daily property seizure, issue Villon in Montigny with a summons, and return home to his disastrous love life. But, on the day of the commemoration of 9/11, fate decides otherwise, putting Mohand, an impoverished father, and Salem, his hothead son, in Echeveria’s path. Due to a misunderstanding, the pair kidnaps him.

François, Mohand and Salem: three men blocked for 24 hours on the seventh floor of a social housing high-rise surrounded by officers of the riot squad who mistake them for terrorists.

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Twice Upon a Time (Quand je serai petit)
Year: 2012 – 95 min
Director: Jean-Paul Rouve
Cast: Jean-Paul Rouve, Benoît Poelvoorde, Miou-Miou, Arly Jover…

Synopsis: 40-year-old Mathias, married to Clémence, with whom he has a daughter, offers his wife a surprise weekend at the fjords. On the ferry, he crosses paths with a boy heading to a vacation camp, who looks suspiciously like him when he was the boy’s age. The boy has the same name as Mathias, along with the same food tastes, and goes to the same school that Mathias went to. Mathias is stunned and decides to investigate, putting his current life and family equilibrium at risk. If we could live our childhood over again, would we change the way things later turn out?

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White as Snow (Blanc comme neige)
Year: 2010 – 114 min
Director: Christophe Blanc
Cast: François Cluzet, Olivier Gourmet, Louise Bourgoin, Jonathan Zaccaï…

Synopsis: Maxime has everything to be happy: the manager of flourishing upmarket car dealership, he's married to a delightful young woman and lives in a comfortable villa. But it all goes awry the day that Simon, his associate, is murdered by a criminal gang. Now answerable to the gang, Maxime looks to his brothers, used to dealing with such situations, for help.

But their intervention turns into a fiasco, and Maxime and his family plunge deeper and deeper into a situation from which there seems to be no escape.

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With Love… from the Age of Reason (L’âge de raison)
Year: 2010 – 97 min
Director: Yann Samuell
Cast: Sophie Marceau, Marton Csokas, Michel Duchaussoy…

Synopsis: “Dear Myself, Today I am 7 years old and I am writing you this letter to help you remember the promises you made during the age of reason and also to remind you of what you want to become.”
So begins the letter that Margaret, a successful businesswoman, receives on her 40th birthday.

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