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The Cultural Services of the French Embassy
The Cultural Services is a division of the French Embassy in the United States.  The Cultural Services was first imagined in the 1930's by Paul Claudel. In 1945 General de Gaulle appointed Claude Lévi-Strauss as the first Cultural Counselor, with the mission of providing Americans (individuals and organizations)  with access and resources to engage with French culture and promote it in their own communities.

Today, under the leadership of Bénédicte de Montlaur, Cultural Counselor of the French Embassy and Permanent Representative of French Universities in the United States, the French Cultural Services provides French and American artists, intellectuals, arts professionals, and the general public a platform and resources for cultural exchange. It is dedicated to creating transatlantic dialogue in the arts and education from French and American perspectives. Based in New York City, Washington D.C., and eight other cities across the US, the French Cultural Services’ principal fields of action are the arts, literature, cinema, French language programs and higher education.

The French Cultural Services is interested in new and challenging ideas that will bring French and American people together in creative collaboration. Programs are offered either directly by the Departments or in conjunction with the Embassy’s non-profit partner FACE (French American Cultural Exchange) and the 972 Fifth Avenue Fund. The French Cultural Services also coordinates nominations and award ceremonies for French honorary distinctions awarded to Americans and others living in the U.S. in recognition of exceptional artistic and academic accomplishments.

ACID is an association of filmmakers who support the distribution of independent films, and organize public encounters between filmmakers and audiences. ACID was created in 1992 with the founding principle to lend support by filmmakers to other filmmakers, French or international. Every year, ACID supports 20 to 30 feature films. Since 1993, ACID has had its own parallel program at the Cannes International Film Festival. It screens nine feature films, fiction and documentary, all selected by ACID filmmakers who express their love for a film and wish to give more visibility to emerging directors.

Filmmakers discovered at ACID Cannes include : Lucas Belvaux, Serge Bozon, Djinn Carrénard, Vincent Dieutre, Rachid Djaïdani, Alain Gomis, Arnaud et Jean-Marie Larrieu, Ursula Meier, Avi Mograbi, Yolande Moreau & Gilles Porte, Pierre Schoeller, Claire Simon and more.

The Institut Français
The Institut Français is the operator of the outside cultural action of France, created by the maw of July, 27th 2010.

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