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Film List

1. Andalucia by Alain Gomis
Narrative - France - 2007 - 90’

Belfort Film Festival EntreVues 2007 - Public’s Choice
A wild and passionate film that explores identity and heritage.

Yacine (Samir Guesmi) has left his family’s home to live on his own in a cramped trailer. A social worker, Yacine shuns the prospect of landing a permanent job for fear that his life will grow stagnant and dull.  As Yacine walks the city streets one night with friends, immersed in ethnic music, a series of conversations gradually brings the nomadic city-dweller's mysterious past into focus.

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2. La BM du Seigneur by Jean-Charles Hue
[The Lord’s Ride]
Narrative - France - 2010 – 84’
Rotterdam International Film Festival; Indie Lisboa; The Edge Atlantic Film Festival (NYC)

In the heart of a gypsy community in France… A modern western bursting with life!

Fred belongs to a community of gypsies.  He steals cars and his brother Jo resells them. But the sudden appearance of a mysterious character turns his life upside down, and he's torn between solidarity with his people and a newfound faith.

Distribution : Capricci Films
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3. Bovines by Emmanuel Gras
Documentary - France - 2011 – 62’
ACID Cannes 2011; Angers : European first film Festival; Green film Festival in Seoul;
Programmed at BAM in NYC

What would it be like to be a cow for an hour? An extreme bucolic experience…

“Reminiscent of critically acclaimed pastoral documentaries like Sweetgrass, Emmanuel Gras’ Cattle is distinguished by a combination of masterful restraint, visual beauty, and a rare commitment to capturing the details of animal life without sentimentality or symbolism. Gras’ camera patiently observes a herd of cows as they move across the gorgeous open landscapes of the French countryside, mostly free of human disturbance. Crafted with great technical acuity and sensitivity to the rhythms of the natural world, Cattle is a uniquely immersive cinematic experience. “ - BAMcinématek

Distribution : Batysphere Production
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4. Casa Nostra by Nathan Nicholovitch
Narrative - France - 2012 – 90’
ACID Cannes 2012; Angers : European first film Festival; Programmed at BAM in NYC

A first feature film shot in stunning black and white.

Hélène, Mathilde and Ben are travelling to the Parisian suburbs to visit their dying father. On the road together, the siblings rediscover each other.

“In this moving, sometimes unsettling black-and-white ensemble drama, director Nathan Nicholovitch dismantles the ideal of the family with a poetic, ruminative style.” - BAMcinématek

Available with English subtitles: DCP, Blu-Ray and DVD
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Contact* : Céline Casanostra / / + 33 (0)6 88 56 69 62
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5. Donoma by Djinn Carrénard
Narrative - France - 2010 -133’
ACID Cannes 2010, Pusan International Film Festival, New Directors / New Films (MoMa), Montreal New Cinema Festival, French Cinema Now (San Francisco)

A self-produced, first feature film that was a phenomenon at his release.
An exhilarating film on love and the French youth that bursts with freedom and energy!

DONOMA is a low budget movie made with great passion, and passion is at the center of its three stories.  Analia is a teacher in a rough Parisian suburb high school who begins an ambiguous relationship with Dacio, a rebellious student in her class. Salma, an agnostic teenager, is “called” by God, and fascinated by Raine, a young man who she sees praying in the train every morning. Chris, a photographer, offers herself to a stranger in the subway in order challenge all her preconceived notions about love. All of DONOMA’s stories ask the same questions: do we choose to love, and do we choose to be loved?

Distribution : Donoma Guerilla
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6. Faire Kiffer les anges by Jean Pierre Thorn
Documentary - France - 1996 – 1h28 mins

The origins of the French Hip Hop movement.

For over twenty years, from the Bronx to Lyon, in cities and in suburbs, a rebellious artistic movement has been growing. Hip hop has allowed young people to express themselves through dance, rap music, and other art forms since the 1980s.  But who are these hip hop dancers, and where does their wild beauty of come from? What do their dreams, their hopes, and their demons look like? How can we explain an entire generation’s identification with this single, powerful movement?  Faire kiffer les anges is a journey to hip hop’s greatest landmarks, to places where the movement first took shape.   

Distribution : Institut français – Free of rights
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7. Histoire d’un secret by Mariana Otero
[History of a secret]
Documentary - France - 2002 – 95’
Locarno International Film Festival ;  BAFICI ; Festival dei Popoli…

A delicate documentary about a family secret…

“When I learned at the age of 30 that my mother had died of a back-alley abortion, I was stupefied. It was hard to admit that it could have happened to her, that this event was suddenly part of her history, my history and that of my family's. I couldn't believe I had lived so long without knowing the real causes of her death. As for many women of my generation, the tragedies linked to abortion belonged to a distant and forgotten past. My stupor turned into revolt and anger. I could not allow that she had died almost illegally, surrounded by shame and secrecy. As the victim of an unfair law, silence had made her a culprit. 

When I first dared talk about the circumstances of my mother's death, I realized that other families had been through the same horror and in most cases, secrecy had been maintained, particularly with the children. I had to break the silence. My film had to participate in lifting and destroying once and for all the secrecy within my family to restore its political and social dimension.”  -Mariana Otero

Distribution : Doc & Film
Available with English subtitles: DVD, 35mm print
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8. Noor by ÇağlaZencirci & Guillaume Giovanetti
Narrative - France, Turkey, Pakistan - 2012 - 78‘
ACID Cannes 2012; Pusan International Film Festival 2012;
Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012

A poignant quest for love and freedom on the road to Pakistan.

Noor wants to be a man. He no longer belongs to the Khusras, Pakistan’s transgender community, and he wants to put his last transgender love affair—one that changed his life drastically—behind him. Now, he’s doing a man’s job as a truck builder, and he’s made up his mind: he will find a girl who will accept him as he is...

Distribution : Wide Management
Available with English subtitles: DCP, Blu-Ray, DVD
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Contact : Matthias Angoulvant /
9, rue Bleue, 75009 - Paris | France
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9. Nous Princesses de Clèves by Régis Sauder
[Children Of the Princess of Clèves]
Documentary - France - 2010 - 69’
Montreal International Documentary Festival ; Nyon Visions du Réel Festival ; Beirut International Film Festival 2011; San Francisco International Film Festival

A refreshing look at the lives of teenagers at a Marseille High school, their hopes and dreams, their love stories and heartbreaks, and their place in French society today.

The story takes places in 1558, in the court of King Henri II. Mademoiselle de Chartres, who has become the Princess of Clèves after her marriage, encounters the Duke of Nemours. An instant and blinding love is born when the two meet, but the Princess's mother begs her daughter to reject it. Today, in Marseilles, the students at Lycée Diderot use the story of the Princess of Clèves to talk about their own lives. At 17 years old, teenagers love intensely, conceal their passion, and confess their love.  With blooming adolescence comes our first choices and rejections. 

Distribution : Institut français – Free of rights
Available with English subtitles: DVD
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10. Rue des cités by Carine May & Hakim Zouhani
[Slums Road]
Narrative - France - 2011 – 68’
ACID Cannes 2011; Ghett'Out Film Festival (Boston & New-York); Angers European first film Festival

A self-produced first feature film in dazzling black and white.
A beautiful look at the French suburbs today, full of humor and contagious energy!

Adilse is twenty. He lives in the in the slums of Paris. One day, while he’s watching the news on TV, he realizes that some journalists have been lying about a bike robbery that took place nearby. One of the youngsters who answers to the journalist’s question appears to be Adilse’s cousin. Meanwhile, Adilse’s grandfather has disappeared. The young man, accompanied by his friend Mimid, decides to look for him.

Distribution : Nouvelle Toile Production
Available with English subtitles: DVD, DCP, Blu-Ray
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Nouvelle Toile / / /
Tél : + 331 43 52 79 10
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11. Stalingrad Lovers by Fleur Albert
Narrative - France - 2012 – 82’
ACID Cannes 2010; Belfort Film Festival EntreVues ; Programmed at BAM in NYC

Between film noir and neorealism, a lyrical immersion into the life of drug addicts in Paris.

“Acclaimed documentarian Fleur Albert’s lyrical, narrative feature debut chronicles the precarious lives of crack addicts in Paris’ Stalingrad metro station. Inspired by the true stories of its remarkable cast of non professional actors, this stunningly photographed neorealist film noir follows Isaïe as he strives to keep his promise to transport the body of his recently deceased friend Medhi back to his native Senegal and recover outstanding debts from his clients. Depicting the agony of poverty and addiction with striking immediacy, Stalingrad Lovers also captures moments of compassion and tenderness that keep hope alive in this marginalized community.” - BAMcinématek

Available with English subtitles: DVD, Blu-Ray and DCP
Rental price : 250 $
Stéphane Jourdain / /
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12. Le Temps des grâces by Dominique Marchais
Documentary - France - 2009 – 123’
Locarno Film  Festival 2009; Lussas Documentary Film Festival 2009 ; Viennale 2009 ; Belfort Film Festival EntreVues 2009

An acclaimed documentary on French agriculture today.
A world of uncertainty and a future full of questions.

Le Temps des Grâces is a documentary that investigates the world of French agriculture today through various testimonials from farmers, researchers, government employees, and writers.  Economic, scientific, and social issues threaten to destabilize the natural, ancient rhythms of this world, but strong intergenerational ties prove essential to maintaining stability.    

Distribution : Institut français – Free of rights
Available with English subtitles: DVD and 35mm print
Rental price : Free of charge
Contact : ACID / Amaury Augé /
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13. La Vierge les coptes et moi by Namir Abdel Messeeh
[The Virgin, the Copts and Me]
Documentary - France, Qatar, Egypt – 2012 - 85'
ACID Cannes 2012 ; Berlin International Film Festival 2012
La Rochelle Film Festival 2012 ; Belfort Film Festival EntreVues 

A first feature film and a mix of documentary and fiction.
A wonderful comedy on beliefs, heritage… and cinema!

Namir’s mother is a Coptic Christian. She is convinced that she has seen an apparition of the Virgin Mary in an old video taken at her home in Egypt. Her son, who has been raised in a secular environment in France, decides to make a film about the phenomenon and travels to Egypt to visit his relatives. Hoping to understand the connection between Coptic Christian beliefs, the Virgin apparition on the tape, and recent events in Egyptian history, he soon meets plenty of obstacles.

Distribution : Icarus Films
Available with English subtitles:  DVD
Rental price : 250 $
Contacts :
Livia Bloom
32 Court Street, 21st Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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14. Robert Mitchum est mort by Olivier Babinet & Fred Kihn
[Robert Mitchum is Dead]
Narrative - France – 2010 - 91’
Angers European first film Festival, Raindance Film Festival London; Cleveland Film Festival ; Milano Film Festival; Thessaloniki international film festival …

An electrifying road trip to the Artic Circle with an irresistible duo.
A darkly comedic odyssey across Europe that’s full of sleeping pills,
Rock and Roll and femmes fatales.

“This fresh, often hilarious addition to the road-movie genre follows a desperate agent (Olivier Gourmet, The Son and La Promesse) and an insomniac actor of questionable talent as they make their way in a stolen car to the Artic Circle.” -BAMcinématek 

Distribution : Brink DVD
Available with English subtitles: DVD (Blu-Ray with notice)
Rental price : 250 $
Contact for Distribution :
David Pike
Tel :  520.628.9600 - 350 W. Simpson St, Tucson, AZ 85701
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