Directed by Mathieu Demy
US release date: June 15, 2012


The death of his mother draws a young Frenchman (Mathieu Demy) back to his childhood home in Los Angeles as he prepares to wrap up his mother’s estate. Things become complicated when he discovers that she was very fond of a woman named Lola (Selma Hayek), who appears in her will. Martin combs Los Angeles for his mother’s mysterious friend and companion, finding no trace of her.

Traumatized at the sight of his mother’s body in the morgue, he drives to Tijuana in search of Lola, thinking she should inherit his mother’s apartment. But is Lola, his childhood playmate, truly the woman who brightened his mother’s life in Los Angeles — or is she a darker femme fatale, echoing the titular screen character from one of Jacques Demy’s key works?

Mathieu Demy started his film career as a child actor in his mother Agnès Varda’s films and has since gone on to act in many films including Céline Sciamma’s Tomboy, Olivier Ducastel and Jacques Martineau’s Jeanne and the Perfect Guy, and André Téchiné’s The Girl on the Train. Americano is his directorial debut.

AMERICANO opens in the US July 15 2012. Check your local listings for showtimes and places.

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