Directed by Christophe Cognet
US release date: April 24, 2015
Directed by Christophe Cognet
With: Yehuda Bacon, José Fosty, Walter Spitzer
104 min | France | 2014

Because I Was a Painter
Directed by Christophe Cognet | 2014
With: Yehuda Bacon
, José Fosty, Walter Spitzer
Run time: 104 min

In 1945, when the Allies liberated the concentration camps, they discovered thousands of secretly created artworks. These drawings, hidden from the Nazis, offer an unparalleled view of life during the war. For more than 70 years, the story of the artists who created them has remained untold. With unprecedented access to paintings, drawings, etchings and sculptures held in collections around the world, "Because I Was a Painter" conducts a gripping and fascinating investigation into art that captures, reflects and inspires in difficult times.

Opens in the US on April 24, 2015.

See it in NY at the Lincoln Plaza on April 24, 2015

See it in Santa Fe, NM at The Sreen on May 15, 2015
See it in Columbus, OH at Wexner Center for the Arts on May 22, 2015
See it in Los Angeles, CA at the Laemmle Theatres on August 24, 2015

US Distributor: The Cinema Guild

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