Directed by Mélanie Laurent
US release date: September 11, 2015
Directed by Mélanie Laurent
With Joséphine Japy and Lou De Laâge
91 min | France | 2014

Original title: Respire
Directed by Mélanie Laurent | 2014
With: Joséphine Japy and Lou De Laâge
Run time: 91 min

Charlie (Joséphine Japy) is seventeen and bored. Her estranged parents are too caught up in their own drama to pay much attention to her. School holds no surprises either and Charlie grows tired of her staid friends. Enter Sarah (Lou De Laâge), a hip new transfer student who brings with her an alluring air of boldness and danger. The two girls form an instant connection. Sarah brings the excitement Charlie so desperately seeks, and Charlie is a stable influence on the wild child. Through shared secrets, love interests and holiday getaways, their relationship deepens to levels of unspoken intimacy, which eventually leads to jealousy and unrealistic expectations, and the teens soon find themselves on a trajectory toward a jarring outcome.

US Distributor: Film Movement

Opens in New York on September 11th at the IFC Center

Opens in Los Angeles on September 18th at Laemmle's Royal Theatre

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