Directed by Xavier Durringer
US release date: November 11, 2011

The Conquest chronicles the volatile, right-leaning Nicolas Sarkozy’s startling rise to become President of France and the emotional and psychological stakes involved in the conquest of power. On the day the diminutive Sarkozy conquers his ultimate ambition, his wife – who for twenty years struggled to pull the man she loved from the shadow into the light – walks out on him for another man.

It’s May 6, 2007, and the French people are heading out to the polls to elect their new president. Meanwhile, presidential candidate Nicolas Sarkozy is ensconced away in his home – alone, gloomy and despondent. For hours he has been trying to reach his wife, Cécilia, to no avail. As the previous five years begin to unfurl before our eyes, we see Sarkozy’s ascent to power, unstoppable even in the face of in-party backstabbing, media manipulation, riots, sarcastic confrontations and extra-marital affairs.

Directed by Xavier Durringer. 
Starring Denis Podalydes, Florence Pernel, Bernard Le Coq, Hippolyte Girardot, Samuel Labarthe.

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