Directed by Benoit Jacquot
US release date: June 10, 2016

Léa Seydoux follows in the footsteps of Paulette Goddard and Jeanne Moreau, as Célestine, a resentful young Parisian chambermaid who finds herself exiled to a position in the provinces. There she must immediately chafe against the noxious iron rules and pettiness of her bourgeois mistress (Clotilde Mollet), rebuff the groping advances of Monsieur (Hervé Pierre), and reckon with her fascination with the earthy, brooding gardener Joseph (Lindon).

Diary of A Chambermaid
Directed by Benoit Jacquot
, France, 2015
Written by Hélène Zimmer & Benoît Jacquot, based on the novel by Octave Mirbeau
With Léa Seydoux, Vincent Lindon, Clotilde Mollet, and Hervé Pierre

Opens in New York at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema on June 10
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Opens in Los Angeles at Laemmle's Royal Theatre on June 10
> More information to come

Opens in Miami at UM's Cosford Cinema on June 17

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