Directed by Robin Campillo
US release date: May 1st, 2015
Directed by Robin Campillo
With Daniil Vorobyov, Edea Darcque, Kirill Emelyanov
128 min | France | 2014

Eastern Boys
Directed by Robin Campillo| 2013
With Daniil Vorobyov, Edea Darcque, Kirill Emelyanov
Run Time: 128 min

Arriving from all over the Eastern Bloc, the men who loiter around the Gare du Nord train station in Paris are scraping by however they can, forming gangs for support and protection, ever fearful of being caught by the police and deported. When the middle-aged, bourgeois Daniel (Olivier Rabourdin) approaches a boyishly handsome Ukrainian who calls himself Marek for a date, he learns the young man is willing to do anything for some cash.

See it in Los Angeles on May 1st at the Laemmle Theaters

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US Distributor: First Run Features

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