Directed by Philippe Faucon
US release date: August 26, 2016

The French Film FATIMA, winner of the Best Film and Best Adapted Screenplay at the Cesar Awards, as well as the LAFCA Critics Special Mention at the Colcoa French Film Festival, coming soon to theatres. 

Middle aged single mother Fatima lives with her two teenage daughters and works cleaning jobs to pay their way through school. Inspired by a true story and the poetry of the North African writer Fatima Elayoubi, who immigrated knowing very little French and slowly taught herself the language. A patient, reflective study of a woman pressured by her children and her neighbors alike to assimilate into a culture of which she's wary. Despite the display of everyday racism, both veiled and overt; internal domestic disputes and external gestures of inhospitality, Fatima offers an uplifting experience and one of recent French cinema's most trenchant and moving portraits of immigrant experience.

Fatima (France, 2015) 
Written by Philippe Faucon and Fatima Elayoubi 
Directed by Philippe Faucon 
Starring Soria Zerousal, Zita Hanrot, and Kenza Noah Aïche
Runtime: 79 minutes

US distributor: Kino Lorber

Opens in New York 8/26 at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.
Opens in Los Angeles 9/16 at Laemmle Theatres 

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