Directed by Kent Jones
US release date: December 2nd, 2015

“Catnip for film buffs. Jones has assembled something of an all-star team of contemporary directors. A resourceful, illuminating and very welcome documentation both of filmmaking and the making of film history.”

– Todd McCarthy, The Hollywood Reporter

“A love letter to film itself, to the value and lure of the cinematic experience.”

– Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

In 1962, Alfred Hitchcock and a 30-year-old François Truffaut sequester themselves in a windowless Hollywood office for a weeklong conversation. The result: the seminal book Hitchcock/Truffaut, published a half century ago, dissecting every film Hitchcock had made until then, illuminating his masterful techniques, making the case for the popular director as an artist, and influencing generations of filmmakers. Kent Jones brings “the Bible of Cinema” to invigorating life. He interviews filmmakers whose work has been profoundly influenced by Hitchcock – Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Richard Linklater, Olivier Assayas, and many others – and deftly chooses clips (legendary scenes as well as lesser-known ones) that reveal the genius behind his enduring cinema, from The Lodger to Notorious, from Vertigo to Psycho and The Birds.

Hitchcock/Truffaut is Jones’s fourth feature documentary on filmmaking. He co-wrote My Voyage to Italy, Martin Scorsese’s paean to Italian cinema; wrote and directed Val Lewton: the Man in the Shadows; and, with Scorsese, wrote and directed the Peabody Award-winning A Letter to Elia, on Elia Kazan. Jones is director of the New York Film Festival and deputy editor of Film Comment magazine. He co-wrote Hitchcock/Truffaut with Serge Toubiana, former editor of Cahiers du Cinéma and author of Truffaut: A Biography.

2015 | Directed by Kent Jones | 80 mins
Written by Kent Jones, Serge Toubiana
Featuring Martin Scorsese, David Fincher, Arnaud Desplechin, Wes Anderson, James Gray, Richard Linklater, Olivier Assayas, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Peter Bogdanovich & Paul Schrader

US distributor: Cohen Media Group

Opens on December 2nd in New York at Film Forum, with screenings daily at 12:30, 2:20, 4:15, 6:10, 8:00 & 9:50.

Opens on December 4th in Los Angeles at Nuart Theater with screenings daily . 

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