Directed by Thomas Bidegain
US release date: June 24, 2016

A vast prairie, a country and western gathering somewhere in the east of France. Alain is a central figure in this community. He’s dancing with his daughter Kelly, 16, as his wife and their young son, Kid, watch from the sidelines. But on this day, Kelly disappears, and the family falls apart. Alain embarks on a relentless search for his daughter, even though it costs him everything and takes him to some far-off places. Dark unsettling places, where his sole support is Kid, who sacrifices his youth to accompany his father on this seemingly endless quest.

LES COWBOYS (France, 2015)

Directed by Thomas Bidegain
Written by Noé Debré
With Antonia Campbell-Hughes, François Damiens
Running time: 104 min

US Distributor: Cohen Media Group

> Opens in New York on Friday, June 24th at Lincoln Plaza Cinema 
>Opens in Los Angeles on Friday, June 24th at the Laemmle Royal and on July 1st at the Laemmle Town Center 5 and Playhouse 7
> Opens in Coral Gables, FL, on Friday, July 8th at the Bill Cosford Cinema and in Fort Lauderdale, FL at Cinema Paradiso

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