Directed by Philippe Garrel
US release date: February 24

Beginning Friday, February 24, Metrograph will present the first-ever U.S. theatrical run of Philippe Garrel's Les Hautes solitudes (1974), in a new restoration. One of Garrel's (Regular Lovers, I Can No Longer Hear the Guitar) least-screened films and a key to understanding his filmography, Les Hautes solitudes strips Garrel's cinema down to its barest quintessence--the passive-yet-probing observance of the opposite sex, as though hoping to see something of their souls. Comprised entirely of silent, meditative long takes of beautiful portraiture, including Jean Seberg (Breathless) and Garrel's muse Nico.

The young Garrel, already an old hand at creating cinema, brings his own spiritual intensity to capturing the faces of his friends and lovers. “The idea was to make a film out of the outtakes of a film that never existed in the first place.” -Philippe Garrel

Director: Philippe Garrel
Cast: Jean Seberg, Nico, Tina Aumont, Laurent Terzieff
1974 / 80min / DCP
A Film Desk release

> Opens in New York at Metrograph

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