Directed by Eric Atlan
US release date: April 26, 2013
Directed by Eric Atlan
With Daria Panchenko, Diana Rudychenko
94mins, France, 2012.

Mortem is the story of Jena (Daria Pancenko), a young woman who defies death, looks her in the face and ultimately agrees to makes love with her. Other than that, Jena is like the thousands of people passing by who don’t know what the next minute will bring. With the spirits of Bergman and Cocteau hovering nearby, this sleek, absorbing French fantasy, with its exquisite noir images and lush score composed by the director Eric Atlan and producer Marc Bercovitz gives us an erotic struggle between love and death caught in an edgy dance of Body and Soul.

Opens in the U.S. April 26, 2013 (New York). This film may not be shown in all US cities, please check your local listings for exact showtimes and places.

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