Directed by Raul Ruiz
US release date: August 5, 2011

Raul Ruiz is back with this enormously entertaining costume dramedy, an adaptation of the 19th-century Portuguese classic novel, Mysteries of Lisbon. Spanning three decades, the film plunges us into a whirlwind of adventures, coincidences, revelations, vengeance, betrayals and love affairs in a rhapsodic voyage that takes us to Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, and Brazil.

The film, with complex intertwined narratives reminiscent of Charles Dickens, centers around Joao, the illegitimate child of an ill-fated romance between two members of the aristocracy who are forbidden to marry, and follows Joao’s quest to discover the truth of his parentage. Nothing, and nobody, is first as they appear in this intoxicating spiral of stories within stories within stories, filmed by Ruiz with gorgeous period design, a fluid, pirouetting camera, and a stellar French and Portuguese cast including up-and-coming actresses Clotilde Hesmé and Léa Seydoux.

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