Directed by Jules Dassin
US release date: September 2, 2015
Directed by Jules Dassin
With Carl Möhner, Janine Darcey, Jean Servais, and Robert Manuel
122 min | France | 1955

Written by Jules Dassin, René Wheeler, and Auguste Le Breton
Directed by Jules Dassin | 1955
With Carl Möhner, Janine Darcey, Jean Servais, and Robert Manuel
Run time: 122 min.

Out of prison after a five-year stretch, jewel thief Tony (Jean Servais) turns down a quick job his friend Jo (Carl Mohner) offers him, until he discovers that his old girlfriend Mado (Marie Sabouret) has become the lover of local gangster Pierre Grutter (Marcel Lupovici) during Tony's absence. Expanding a minor smash-and-grab into a full-scale jewel heist, Tony and his crew appear to get away clean, but their actions after the job is completed threaten the lives of everyone involved.

*Re-release in digital restoration*

US Distributor: Rialto Pictures

Opens in New York on September 2nd at Film Forum.

Opens in Los Angeles on September 4th at Laemmle's Royal Theatre.

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