Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
US release date: July 31, 2015
Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
With Kyle Catlett, Helena Bonham Carter, and Judy Davis
105 min | Rated PG | France/Australia/Canada | 2013

The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet
Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet | 2013
With: Kyle Catlett, Helena Bonham Carter, and Judy Davis
Run time: 105 min

A ten-year-old cartographer secretly leaves his family's ranch in Montana where he lives with his cowboy father and scientist mother and travels across the country aboard a freight train to receive an award at the Smithsonian Institute.

US Distributor: The Weinstein Company

Opens in Los Angeles on July 31st at Laemmle Playhouse 7

Read the review by The Hollywood Reporter

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