SEPTEMBER 18, 2014

Interview of French Digital Creator David Dufresne on the Occasion on NYFF 2014

By Pervenche Beurier

“I’m a… punk. In a sense, I try to break rules any time I can… The entire project Fort McMoney was driven from the start by the idea of combining documentary film and video games, auteur perspective and spectator freedom”.

SEPTEMBER 17, 2014

Swim Little Fish Swim - Interview with Directors Ruben Amar & Lola Bessis

By Pauline Lamy

On the occasion of the US release of Swim Little Fish Swim this September, French Culture met directors Ruben Amar and Lola Bessis to discuss the film, their projects and New York.

MAY 19, 2014

The French Minister, Interview with Director Bertrand Tavernier

By French Culture

In this video the film’s director Bertrand Tavernier, describes how he came to direct the film and the unique appeal of this political comedy. “It’s an autobiographical graphic novel,” Tavernier says, “The author of the book (Abel Lanzac) has lived all that.

MAY 6, 2014

"I Think I Was Born a Storyteller": An Interview with Diane Kurys

By Romain Rancurel

On the occasion of the US release of her latest film, Pour une femme (For A Woman), acclaimed French filmmaker Diane Kurys is touring the country for a series of screenings, masterclasses and lectures. She arrived in New York just a few days before the theatrical release of For A Woman. Florence Almozini and Romain Rancurel, respectively Program Officer and Assistant Program Officer for Cinema at the French Embassy, spoke with Diane Kurys at the headquarters of Film Movement, the film’s US Distributor. A must-read exclusive interview !

MAY 5, 2014

The Unsung Riches of French Cinema

By Florence Almozini

On the occasion of the 700th issue of Cahiers du Cinema, FIAF and Cahiers du Cinema have collaborated for a special curated series of underrated gems and a special “Carte Blanche” to more recent films strongly supported by the magazine. Florence Almozini, Program Officer for Cinema at the French Embassy, had a few questions for the curators of the show, Delphine Selles – film curator at FIAF - Nicholas Elliott - the New York correspondent for Cahiers du Cinéma - and Jean-Philippe Tessé - Associate Editor in Chief of Les Cahiers.

MARCH 7, 2014

Interview with the founders of the French Film Festival in Richmond, VA

By Diana Murray Watts

For the 22nd French Film Festival in Richmond, VA, the Cultural Service of the Embassy of France provides its support to the documentary programming. This year’s selection includes: Cinéast(e)s by Mathieu Busson and Julie Gayet, Il est minuit, Paris s’éveille by Yves Jeuland, and Faire quelque chose by Vincent Goubet.

FEBRUARY 26, 2014

The French Are Here: An Interview with Dennis Lim, Curator of Rendez-Vous with French Cinéma

By Florence Almozini

On the occasion of the 19th edition of Rendez-Vous with French Cinema, Florence Almozini, Program Officer for Cinema at the French Embassy, interviewed Denis Lim, the Director of Cinematheque Programming at the Film Society of Lincoln Center.

FEBRUARY 21, 2014

French Animation and the US Market: An Interview with Mathieu Béjot

By Romain Rancurel

On the occasion of the Kidscreen Summit and the second International Emmy® Kids Awards in New York, Sandra Muller, journalist for La lettre de l’Audiovisuel, met with Mathieu Béjot, Executive Director at TV France International, the trade association which promotes French TV programs worldwide, to discuss French animation and its role in the American market.

FEBRUARY 18, 2014

From Music to Cinema, an Interview with Director Denis Dercourt

By Romain Rancurel

On the occasion of the 14th edition of Film Comment Selects at the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Denis Dercourt will be in New York to present his latest film, The Flesh of My Flesh. We were fortunate enough to ask director Denis Dercourt a few questions.

JANUARY 31, 2014

Benjamin Renner, Co-director of ERNEST & CELESTINE : Finding His Own Language

By Romain Rancurel

On the occasion of Ernest & Célestine’s US release, we were lucky enough to ask Benjamin Renner, co-director of the film, a few questions about the making of his first feature film, his influences, his understanding of Daniel Pennac's message and his future projects. Ernest & Célestine won the 2013 César for “Best animated Film” and has recently been nominated for the 2014 Oscars.

JANUARY 14, 2014

Mark Rupp, SpectiCast COO Talks about Building Brand Awareness for My French Film Festival


On the occasion of My French Film Festival 2014, Adeline Monzier from Unifrance asked Mark Rupp - COO and co-founder of SpectiCast - a few questions about his channel’s participation in this year's edition of the festival.

JANUARY 8, 2014

Cinema is Freedom: Interview with Antonin Peretjako director of THE RENDEZ VOUS OF DEJA VU

By Florence Almozini

On the occasion of the First Look festival at the Museum of Moving Image, Florence Almozini interviewed Antonin Peretjako, the director of THE RENDEZ VOUS OF DÉJÀ VU, the festival closing night feature. First Look is MoMI’s annual showcase for inventive new international cinema and is celebrating this year its third anniversary.