Interview with Catherine Corsini, Director of THREE WORLDS

October 22, 2013 | By French Culture
Catherine Corsini's 2012 film Three Worlds, the director uses a hit and run accident to explore questions of "class, morality and social diversity in today's France." CUNY TV talks to Corsini and lead actor Raphaël Personnaz about this Cannes-nominated, tragic thriller. Corsini explains how she wanted to investigate the struggles of someone "trying to find their way in the world" not "comfortable with where they are." Personnaz explain how his character, the driver who commits the hit-and-run, is faced with a choice whether to keep his silence or accept his "dark side." As the world closes in one Personnaz' character in Three Worlds he is forced to finally make that choice. 

Three Worlds can be viewed on VoD on Amazon and Netflix.

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