The 33rd Amiens International Film Festival Presents “Tulsa Oklahoma Cinema”

October 15, 2013 | By Myriam Laville

The 33rd Amiens International Film Festival open on November 8th, based in the medieval French town of Amiens, the festival is one of the most important events on Europe's cinematic calendar.  This year the program includes three main competitions (International, European and National), as well as sections dedicated to Tributes, Retrospectives and Overviews. In addition this year's festival will host a special retrospective of film from Tulsa, Oklahoma entitled Tulsa Oklahoma Cinema”. 

The retrospective is part of a series of events throughout the year that highlight the sister city relationship between Tulsa and Amiens. Through thirty films, the program will attempt to sketch a portrait of the city, its state and its country. “Tulsa Oklahoma Cinema” will take in an array of films from throughout the city's history, from Native Americans through the films of Francis Ford and Larry Clark (born in Tulsa), not to mention the American film noir (with some restored silent films), the great western tradition, folk theater in the tradition of Woody Guthrie, disaster movies focused on tornadoes, great thrillers adapted from regional writer and much more...

More information @ Amiens International Film Festival

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