"C'est la ville" Sound Installation Available Online

November 19, 2014 | By Laurence Geannopulos

Hear the voices of six young poets from Paris, France and Chicago, Illinois. Their words emerge from the sounds of both cities like oral graffiti on the urban landscape. French & American performers rhyme in duets : Kristiana Rae Colon & Oxmo Puccino, Jacob Saenz & Kacem Wapalek, Kush Thompson & L

Silvain Gire had the idea for ARTE Radio. Samuel Hirsch recorded six young poets from Paris and Chicago. He also recorded sounds and atmospheres from both cities. Then he edited the whole thing and mixed it into an original journey which blends duets into a unique perspective. Poets and sounds rhyme in pairs, from the touristic to the poetic, from rap rhythm to chanson française. "C'est la ville" has now been made available in a stereo version online!

Listen here

The audio installation has already been featured at the Poetry Foundation in Chicago in October. It will be presented at la Maison de la Poésie in Paris, France for 4 speakers on January 13th for a special American evening.

Supported by the Cultural Service at the Consulate General of France in Chicago and ARTE Radio.


Created in 2002 by the European Cultural TV channel ARTE, ARTE Radio produces original creations (features, dramas, short pieces - 1600+ to date) with no format, no commentary and no music. ARTE productions include sound postcards and poetic pieces, features and dramas, political satires and plain silly stuff. Beginners and professionals alike contribute, under ARTE's supervision. All ARTE creations are distributed freely under Creative Commons through podcasts, apps, community radios or blogs. More than 200,000 users visit each month Arte Radio website and has half a million followers on Sound Cloud.

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