Joana Preiss' Siberia: On the Road to Love

January 4, 2013 | By Laura Pertuy
Joana Preiss in "Siberia"

Actress, model and now a director, Joana Preiss will present Siberia, a very personal first film starring her former boyfriend, Bruno Dumont (whose movie Outside Satan will be screened opening night) at MoMI's First Look Series. Equipped with two mini-DV cameras, the couple embark on a train trip through Siberia and film each other's thoughts about love, desire and cinema. The camera soon becomes a way for them to decipher their own feelings and fathom what their relationship is made of.

The trembling images thus shot by the two lovers give Siberia the taste of a tormented passion. The movie also tackles the roles of the actress and the director since filming allows for the exertion of manipulative power. An organic and digital reflection on what love can trigger between two fairly self-obsessed characters.

Siberia (Sibérie)

Part of MoMI's First Look Series
Saturday, January 5, 5:00 p.m.

Tickets for screenings (with the exception of opening night) are included with Museum admission ($12 adults / $9 students and senior citizens).

First Look series pass, allowing the holder admission to the Museum and all First Look screenings for the run of the series, is available for $40.

More information @ MoMI

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