Strong US Debut for Luc Besson’s TAXI BROOKLYN

July 16, 2014 | By Pauline Lamy
Taxi Brooklyn

Luc Besson's new TV series Taxi Brooklyn, which debuted June 25, continues to make inroads with American audiences, with 4.8 million viewers on Wednesday night, July 9, it was ranked number #1 for the second period of the evening.

“She got the badge, he’s got the ride”

Directly inspired by the classic TV show Taxi, the new Luc Besson TV series stars Cathlyn, a hot headed member of Brooklyn police, and Leo, a taxi driver from Marseille, whose ways are going to cross after a hold up and a track race. This dynamic duo work together to solve cases on the streets of New York. 

This French made Europacorp and TF1 coproduction starring Chyler Leigh (Grey’s Anatomy) and Jacky Ido (Inglorious Basterds) has proven it can stand up to the best crime shows on US television. The shows is broadcast every Wednesday at 10pm on NBC.

More about the show here.

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