Three French Programs Nominated by the International Emmy® Kids Awards

October 2, 2013 | By Myriam Laville

Nominations for the International Emmy® Kids Awards were announced on October 2nd by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

Among the 24 nominees in 6 categories, 3 are French programs. The winners will receive their Emmys at the second International Emmy® Kids Awards, on February 10, 2014 in New York City.

French nominees :

Kids: Preschool
Cybergroup Studios/Scrawl Studios

Angelo Rules

TeamTO/CAKE Entertainment/France Télévisions/Télétoon

Spike 2
TAT productions/Master Films

Zou follows the adventures of a 5-year-old zebra, Zou, his family and his friend Elzee in "Zebratown".

Angelo Rules is about a 12-year old named Angelo, his two friends Sherwood and Lola, and their plans to escape all of their responsibilities.  Despite their best efforts, their plans always go awry.

All the flying reindeers has been kidnapped, Christmas is in danger! Spike the leprechaun, his cousin Dorothy, and their friend Paco, will face many ordeals in their attempts to foil
 the evil plans of Tony, the polar bear, and save Christmas!

The International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is a membership based organization comprised of leading media and entertainment figures from over 50 countries and 500 companies from all sectors of television including internet, mobile and technology

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