APRIL 28, 2012

Filming The Camps

By French Culture

Filming the Camps presents rare footage of the liberation of Dachau with detailed directors’ notes, narratives, and the documentary produced as evidence at the Nuremberg trials, among other historic material.

JUNE 28, 2011

Films on the Green Opening Reception 2011

By French Culture

The forth annual Films on the Green festival opened on June 3rd at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York.

JUNE 28, 2009

Films on the Green Opening Reception 2009

By French Culture

(En français) Le festival de cinéma Français de NY « films on the green », n'aura jamais aussi bien porté son nom ! 
Pour sa deuxième édition, il a pour thème l'environnement.
Hier soir , c'était la première à Central Parc.