Applications Now Open for the Tournées Film Festival !

Since 2015, participating universities will now choose SIX FILMS: FIVE CONTEMPORARY (FEATURED AND/OR ALTERNATIVE SELECTION) + ONE CLASSIC FILM. The grant to cover the cost of screening SIX FILMS (either in digital or in 35 millimeter), will be $2,200.

Abderrahmane Sissako's US Tour

One of the world’s leading filmmakers, Abderrahmane Sissako from Mauritania/Mali, is an artist whose transnational poetic vision is grounded in precise, everyday acts and humanity.

Eric Rohmer’s Comedies and Proverbs Cycle

Friday, April 17, 2015
Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center
Join the Film Society of Lincoln Center as it will be celebrated French filmmaker Eric Rohmer with a six-film spotlight in April, coinciding with a two-week exclusive run of a new digital restoration of the director's 1984 film, Full Moon in Paris.
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In 1970s France, dedicated cop Pierre Michel risks his life to crack a heroin ring masterminded by powerful mobster Gaëtan Zampa.
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Jason, a quiet cameraman, dreams of directing his first horror movie. Bob Marshall, a wealthy producer, accepts to finance his movie on one condition : Jason has 48 hours to find the best scream in the history of film. During his search, Jason gradually gets lost in a nightmare.
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The film centers on Saint Laurent's life from 1967 to 1976, during which time the famed fashion designer was at the peak of his career.
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A reclusive ex-soldier (Viggo Mortensen) is thrown into the woes of rebellion when he's ordered to escort a villager accused of murder to prison during the Algerian War. As their journey leads them through a deadly firefight between settlers and rebels, the two men on opposite sides of the conflict must join forces to survive in this adaptation of Albert Camus’ short story “The Guest."
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Antoine quits his rock band, takes a job caring for an old building in Paris, and develops a close friendship with a recently retired woman.
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Forbidden Games

Orphaned after a Nazi air raid, Paulette (Brigitte Fossey), a young Parisian girl, runs into Michel, an older peasant boy, and the two quickly become close. Together, they try to make sense of the chaotic and crumbling world around them, attempting to cope with death as they create a burial ground for Paulette's deceased pet dog. Eventually, however, Paulette's stay with Michel's family is threatened by the harsh realities of wartime.
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In 1976 in Nice, Agnes, the daughter of the owner of the Palais de la Méditerranée, falls in love with an older lawyer.

A Conversation with Abd al Malik

French slam artist, poet, writer, and film director Abd al Malik talks about his literary work and autobiographical feature film "Qu’Allah bénisse la France !"