The following list of directors, actors, screenwriters and other film industry professionals focuses primarily on those who have either collaborated on or, been the subject of, a film series, festival or other program that we have helped to organized. 


Jean-François Tosti

(Updated on 02/01/2013)
Jean-François Tosti made his first 8mm animated « movie » with David Alaux and Eric Tosti when they were thirteen. Along with their scientific studies they continued to develop their cinema knowledge, especially in animation as autodidacts. READ MORE

Joana Preiss

(Updated on 12/18/2012)
Actress, artist, director and musician, Joana Preiss has appeared in films by Christophe Honoré, Olivier Assayas, Nobuhiro Suwa and Pia Marais among others, and in visual and sound artwork by Nan Goldin, Ugo Rondinone, Dominique Gonzales Foerster and Céleste Boursier Mougenot. On stage, she has performed in shows by Pascal Rambert and Eléonore Weber. READ MORE

Jacques Audiard

(Updated on 10/28/2012)
Director Jacques Audiard, born April 30, 1952, is the son of the screenwriter and director Michel Audiard. He began his career in film not as a director or screenwriter, but as an editor. READ MORE

Jean Epstein

(Updated on 10/28/2012)

Epstein was born in Warsaw in 1897, to a French-Jewish father and Polish mother. After his father died in 1908, the family relocated to Switzerland, where Epstein remained until beginning medical school at the University of Lyon in France. While in Lyon, Epstein served as a secretary and translator for Auguste Lumière, considered one of the founders of cinema.