The following list of directors, actors, screenwriters and other film industry professionals focuses primarily on those who have either collaborated on or, been the subject of, a film series, festival or other program that we have helped to organized. 


Lonesome Solo

(Updated on 04/03/2013)
Born in 1986 in Abdijan, Souleymane Bamba aka Lonesome Solo grew up in the poor suburbs of the Ivorian capital as a child from the “ghetto”. READ MORE

Sam Ball

(Updated on 11/02/2012)

Director Sam Ball’s work has been exhibited on public television nationwide and at many of America's most prestigious venues for independent film, ranging from the Sundance Film Festival to the Museum of Modern Art New York.  

Much of Ball’s recent work –including an upcoming multimedia exhibit and film planned for the 2013 exhibition Marc Chagall : Years of War and Exile at the Jewish Museum New York- explores the creative process.


Sophie Lellouche

(Updated on 11/02/2012)

Sophie Lellouche has always been a frequent spectator at the French Cinémathèque and great admirer of Ernst Lubitsch, Frank Capra, Billy Wilder, Jean-Paul Rappeneau and Woody Allen.  She wanted to make movies from the start. However, getting around to actually making them took her a long time.


Sophie Letourneur

(Updated on 07/10/2013)
After studying applied art, Sophie Letourneur continued at the Arts Déco in the video department, where she made experimental films and documentaries. READ MORE

Reza Serkanian

(Updated on 02/01/2013)

Reza Serkanian was born in 1966 in Iran. He started making short films at 17 years old and obtained many awards in his country. He continued this career after studying cinema, and from 1989 on, his films have obtained recognition outside of Iran (Festivals such as: Clermont- Ferrand, Vila do Conde, Bilbao, Saarbrucken, Copenhagen, Amiens...). It is in 1997 that he decided to leave the country in search of new horizons.