The following list of directors, actors, screenwriters and other film industry professionals focuses primarily on those who have either collaborated on or, been the subject of, a film series, festival or other program that we have helped to organized. 


Moussa Touré

(Updated on 04/03/2013)
Born in Senegal, Moussa Touré began his career as an electrician and assistant director. In 1991 his first feature film Toubab-bi received several awards internationally. READ MORE

Jean-François Tosti

(Updated on 02/01/2013)
Jean-François Tosti made his first 8mm animated « movie » with David Alaux and Eric Tosti when they were thirteen. Along with their scientific studies they continued to develop their cinema knowledge, especially in animation as autodidacts. READ MORE

Charles Tesson

(Updated on 10/28/2012)
Charles Tesson has been a film critic for Les Cahiers du Cinéma since 1979 and held the position of editor from 1998-2003. Tesson has writen several important books on cinema (Made in Hong-Kong, co-written with Olivier Assayas in 1984, Luis Buñuel in 1995). READ MORE