Emmanuelle Demoris

(Updated on 04/03/2013)

Emmanuelle Demoris was born in London in 1965 and lives in Paris, where she studied literature and art history in university before studying cinema at the FEMIS school. She first worked in theatre as a director and as an actor, most notably in Tadeusz Kantor’s production of Ô Douce Nuit!. She also wrote for cinema, which is how she met Jean Gruault, a screenwriter who had previously written or helped write the screenplays for films by Jacques Rivette, François Truffaut, Jean-Luc Godard, Roberto Rossellini, Alain Resnais and Chantal Akerman, and who became a producer for the sake of Mafrouza. In 1998 she directed her first documentary film, Mémoires de pierre (aka Stone memories), about the past and the present of a stone quarry near Paris. She started the Mafrouza series project in 1999 with filmed research on the relationships between the living and the dead in the Mediterranean area.

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