Eric Viennot

(Updated on 02/28/2013)

Trained as a visual artist, Eric Viennot practiced and taught new media at the Paris 1- Panthéon-Sorbonne university for many years.

He is the co-founder and creative director of Lexis Numérique, an independent video game developing studio, which is responsible for multiple children hits and numerous original game concepts.

While performing his duties as creative director of Lexis Numérique, Eric Viennot leads a parallel career as a writer-director.

Creator of the Oncle Ernest adventures, he is also the author of the series In Memoriam, the first interactive thriller set at the crossroads of video games, the Internet, and cinema. In 2003, this concept revolutionized the adventure game by allowing the players to take part in a very realistic investigation, in which they played their own role. In Memoriam is often cited as a prime example of alternate reality games (A.R.G.).

Eric Viennot conceived and guided the production of Alt-Minds, which came out on November 2012. Alt-Minds is a vast interactive and participative investigation. At the crossroads of novels, series and games, this new concept brings together, in one coherent narrative world, a number of complementary media. After an initial 8 week real-time launch in Europe, Alt-Minds can now be played continuously, non-live. It will be available on the American market in a few months.

Recognized as a pioneer of transmedia fiction in Europe, which earned him the title of "Francophone Transmedia Pope" by the magazine Les Echos, Eric gives frequent conferences on the subject (Pompidou Center, Paris - MIT, Boston - Montreal and Geneva Film Festivals, etc...).

He was honored with the title of Chevalier des Arts et Lettres in 2004.

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