Fleur Albert

(Updated on 02/01/2013)

Fleur Albert was born in 1972. After completing a degree of Literature and Cinema in Nantes, Poitiers and Paris, Fleur worked as an assistant for many directors, such as Jean Michel Carre. Between 1999 and 2002 she was the assistant of Jean Luc Godard on the shooting of Eloge de l`amour, while at the same time starting to write and direct her own movies : The next generation (1995), a musical documentary, and Clarisse est partie, a documentary that narrates her looking for the women of her family. In 2006, her first feature film Le Silence des Rizieres was released in French theaters : it portrays the Indochina war through the destiny of a family.

In 2006, Fleur Albert was awarded the Marcorelles Prize by the International Festival du Réel (France) for Ecchymoses (95`), a chronicle of teenagehood pictured through the events at a school healthcare office. In 2008, she was accepted into an artist-in-residence program at the Cent Quatre (Paris), where she wrote and prepared her first fiction feature film : Stalingrad Lovers. She also shoot a short film with the artist Tricky called Boys Tricky (2008).

Her work is marked by the topic of marginality, haunted by the idea of disappearance, and it offers a reflexion on resistances.