Jean-François Tosti

(Updated on 02/01/2013)

Jean-François Tosti made his first 8mm animated « movie »  with David Alaux and Eric Tosti when they were thirteen. Along with their scientific studies they continued to develop their cinema knowledge, especially in animation as autodidacts.  

During a 4 year journey in Colombia, where he worked as a math teacher, Tosti directed his first short film « El Bus ». When he returned to France in 2000, he decided to create the production company TAT productions with David Alaux and Eric Tosti.

The first stop motion short film produced by TAT productions, Le Vœu (The Wish) won various awards in festivals. TAT productions produced then several animation and fiction short films, before deciding to dedicate its activity to CGI animation.

In 2007, they created an animation studio for the production of their first TV projects, SPIKE (TV special, 35 minutes, CGI), and THE WORLD OF SANTA CLAUS (shorts, 24 x 1 minute, CGI, with SPIKE’s characters). Both programs have been aired in more than 50 territories since 2008.

TAT productions then developed THE JUNGLE BUNCH (TV Special 55 minutes & shorts 26 x 1 minute 30, CGI). This program, aimed at a 6 -12 years and family audience, has been broadcasted on Christmas 2011 in France, followed by a video release (UNIVERSAL) in France, and abroad (including USA). The program is broadcasted in more than hundred territories.

SPIKE 2 (TV special, 35 minutes, CGI) has been delivered for a first broadcasting on Christmas 2012 on France Televisions.                                                    

Production of the series THE JUNGLE BUNCH TO THE RESCUE (52 x 11 minutes, CGI) has just started, for a first delivery by the end of 2013 and TAT productions will soon develop its first feature film.

Jean-François Tosti has recently been designated French TV Animation Producer of the Year 2012 by the Procirep and he’s a judging member for the CNC (Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée).

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