Pierre Etaix

(Updated on 10/28/2012)

Director Pierre Etaix’ films had been out of the public eye for almost 20 years due to a long-running legal dispute. As a result, an entire generation of film fans was denied the pleasure of viewing his work. Despite several petitions, which included signatures from fellow film-makers from all over the world, the situation remained desperately blocked and the films hidden from the public.

In 2009, the Technicolor Foundation, headed by Séverine Wemaere, and the Groupama Gan Foundation, headed by Gilles Duval, decided to work directly with Pierre Etaix in an effort to resolve the copyright difficulties once and for all. After more than 8 months of intense work, the legal dispute was finally resolved  in April 2010. Thereafter followed the complete restoration of his entire film portfolio, 8 movies in all. The Great Love was premiered in its restored version at the Cannes film festival in May 2010. Since then, Pierre Etaix has travelled widely sharing his timeless classics with film buffs worldwide. Furthermore, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Scientists recognized his contribution to film by bestowing on him an honourary Oscar.

Pierre Etaix will be in New York to present his 5 features at Film Forum as of October 19. The restoration of the Complete film works by Pierre Etaix is one of the most important programs conducted by the Technicolor Foundation for cinema heritage and the Groupama Gan Foundation for Cinema, alongside other unique programs such as A Trip to the Moon in color by Georges Méliès (a restoration awarded last year by the National Society of Film Critics), or more recently Lola (1960) by Jacques Demy and Tell me Lies (1968), by Peter Brook (both presented at MoMA in October).