Reza Serkanian

(Updated on 02/01/2013)

Reza Serkanian was born in 1966 in Iran. He started making short films at 17 years old and obtained many awards in his country. He continued this career after studying cinema, and from 1989 on, his films have obtained recognition outside of Iran (Festivals such as: Clermont- Ferrand, Vila do Conde, Bilbao, Saarbrucken, Copenhagen, Amiens...). It is in 1997 that he decided to leave the country in search of new horizons.

After 2 years in the Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam, he settled in France where he has directed several short films and documentaries. In parallel, he has developed a career as film editor and director of photography : We should not exist (Directors' Fortnight - Cannes Film Festival 2006) and Hip Moves (Locarno Film Festival 2012).

For his first feature, he wrote Ephemeral Weddings that obtained the best script price in France. He is associate producer with the Overlap Films which has been created to produce Ephemeral Weddings.

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