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A new restoration of Alain Resnais’ 1974 Stavisky, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Charles Boyer, will run at Film Forum in New York from October 3 to October 11, and on Friday, October 12 at Laemmle’s Monica Film Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Starring three generations of French super-stars (Boyer, Belmondo, and newcomer Gérard Depardieu), Stavisky recounts the real-life saga of French con man Serge Alexandre Stavisky and the setting up of the greatest political and financial scandal of the Third Republic, bringing down a government and leading France on the verge of civil war. With a scenario by Jorge Semprún, cinematography by Sacha Vierney (who also shot classics by Buñuel, Duras or Ruiz), and music by Stephen Sondheim (a favorite of Broadway buff Resnais), Stavisky successfully brings together the crème de la crème of French cinema to display a society of spectacle tempted by the siren song of fascism. Somewhat surprinsingly under-rated by the French critique, this complex narrative of illusions and subterfuges hinges on the metaphorics of representation, depicting real and phantasmagoric stages to hint at the climate of moral degeneracy, civil disorder and politic machinations in 1930s France.

Directed by: Alain Resnais
Written by: Jorge Semprún
Cast: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, François Périer, Anny Duperey 
Year: 1974
Runtime: 120min
In French with English subtitles
Released by: Rialto Pictures

Opens in New York on Wednesday, October 3 at Film Forum.

Opens in Los Angeles on october 12 at Laemmle Theatres

More information available through Rialto Pictures.