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The following films have been selected for children ages 4 to 6. The films have been selected based on the film’s complexity, format or themes.

> Click on “Download the portfolio” in order to download the educational booklet in the language of your choice.
> If you wish to screen a film, please email Nathalie Charles (nathalie.charles@diplomatie.gouv.fr)


  • En sortant de l'école, based on the poems by Jacques Prévert (Rights holder: Institut Français) - Download the portfolio in English / French / Spanish

Trailer available here.

"En sortant de l'école" is a collection of animated short films - 3 minute each - which aims at matching poems with the talent and graphic creativity of young directors, just out of French animation schools. The diversity of techniques is the keystone of this project : stop motion, rostrum camera, cutout animation, digital 2D, 3D - "En sortant de l'école" draws on this simple idea : to give these promising directors a free pass so that they can make a name for themselves. (42 min)

2016 - France