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Oct 20
Jacques Sémelin The Breman museum
Oct 20
French Film Director Anne Alix in Houston, TX The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston 1001 Bissonnet St Houston, TX 77005
Oct 14
Jacques Sémelin 1440 Spring St NW Atlanta, GA 30309

French-American Jazz Exchange (FAJE)

      The French-American Jazz Exchange (FAJE) celebrates the United States and France’s shared passion for jazz. A program of FACE Foundation and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, in collaboration with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, FAJE is designed to foster the creative and professional development of jazz artists from France and the United States.

      Beginning in 2018, FAJE program will encompass two complementary grant components: grants for French and American musicians (Creative Project Grants) and grants for American presenters booking FAJE collaborations (FAJE On Tour).

      FAJE Creative Project Grants support projects jointly conceived by French and American professional musicians that encourage artistic exploration, foster intercultural dialogue, and contribute to the dynamism of jazz. FAJE Creative Project grantees are encouraged to showcase completed work through public performance. To facilitate this, the FAJE program has expanded to include FAJE On Tour. FAJE On Tour will provide performance support to American non-profit presenters nationwide who present FAJE grantees’ recently completed creative projects.

      Creative Project Grants for Artists
      FAJE annually awards Creative Project Grants up to $25,000 through an open, competitive application process for projects that take place either in France or the United States and/or their respective territories, within an 18-month period. FAJE supports creative projects realized through the collaboration of French and American musicians by supporting activities that may result in the creation of new work, establishment of new creative and professional partnerships, and development of new audiences. Projects may include jazz artists in France and/or the United States working with artists from different music genres. FAJE encourages applications from collaborators for creative projects resulting in works that may be considered for live performance and touring projects in the United States and France.

      FAJE on Tour - Grants for Presenters
      FAJE On Tour provides funding for American presenters engaging artists from the FAJE On Tour roster. The annual roster features performing ensembles that have recently completed a creative project funded through the FAJE program. The FAJE On Tour roster is created to engage broad national participation and promote access to unique and powerful artistic collaborations and performances. For the artists of FAJE, the tours extend the life of their projects by providing performance opportunities that develop new audiences and expand impact. Presenters across the United States are eligible to receive support toward artist fees and travel expenses related to scheduled engagements.

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