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Wax Tailor

Born in Vernon, France, Jean-Christophe Le Saoût, better known by his stage name Wax Tailor, first rose to fame after being a host on a French radio station in the Paris suburb of Mantes-La-Jolie.  

In the 1990's, he started the French rap band La Formule and created his label Lab'Oratoire to procude records from the band.  He began working on the Wax Tailor project in 2001, and has released five albums since then.  

His first full-length album, entitled Tales of the Forgotten Melodies and released in 2005, became one of the best selling electronic releases of the year. His other albums include Hope and Sorrow, released in 2007, In The Mood For Life, released in 2009, and Dusty Rainbow From The Dark, a concept album which was released in 2012.

He is currently on tour in Canada and the U.S. to promote his new album, By Any Beats Necessary, released in 2016.


For more information to purchase tickets to his Boston performance on January 20th, 2017, please click here.