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Emilie Lesbros Tour Dates In New York

A conservatory-trained jazz singer and multi-instrumentalist with eclectic tastes and musical projects (ranging from jazz to pop and beyond), Emilie Lesbros will perform with Darius Jones during Winter Jazz Fest as well as with her own band Speaking Tube in the coming weeks. Here are her tour dates:

1/16 @ 65 Fen - New York, NY [Info]1/19 @ 65 Fen - New York, NY [Info]3/12 @ Nuyorican Poet's Café - New York, NY [Info]7/07 @ Judson Church (Vision Festival) - New York, NY [Info]

About Emilie Lesbros

Through her unique experiences, the singer Emilie Lesbros blurs the boundaries between genres. Her training, between classical education – she studied classical and jazz voice at the conservatory – and eclectic musical projects in various forms ranging from rock to electronic music, led her to develop an insatiable curiosity regarding sound. She was the lead singer of Rosa, a rather atypical rock band.

Her encounter with the bassist Barre Phillips was crucial in her explorations within the field of improvised music. Emilie Lesbros expands her vocal and corporal investigations by working with theater, contemporary dance and contemporary circus companies. These many collective experiences enabled her to refine her own choices and to explore on-stage performance, thereby allowing her to forge a singular presence before the public.

After passing through many by ways, Emilie Lesbros decided to concentrate on solo expressions, occasionally accompanying herself at the piano, the bass or the violin. These solos, which go beyond simple sound performances, blend finely melodic compositions with moments of pure improvisation. Her music exudes strong theatrical and poetic elements in a tight-rope-balanced equilibrium between humor and seriousness. Like an intimate and zany self-portrait, or world-portrait…! Her first solo album, “Attraction terrestre,” was released on May 23, 2011 by DFragment Music/Full Rhizome.

She is currently working on her new album under Miss Sorbsel, a new rock recording, she is the lead singer of Single Room with Julia Kent (cello and electronic) and Rafaelle Rinaudo (electric harp) for an eccentric Pop music.

Find out more about Emilie Lesbros here