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Interview: Gaël Horellou & Ari Hoenig

Gaël Horellou et Ari Hoenig have been supported by the French-American Jazz Exchange (FAJE) in 2016.

Read more about their feedback, their collaboration and the creation of their album.

Name of band or ensemble: Nasty Factorz
Names of collaborators: Gaël Horellou – Saxophone, Ari Hoenig – Drums
Name of interviewee: Gaël Horellou

Name of album: NASTY FACTORZ
Year of release: 2017

FAJE: How did you meet and what brought you to collaborate?

Gaël Horellou (G.H.): I met Ari Hoenig back in Paris in 2006 during a jam-session. We discovered, then, that we had a similar approach to music. After my previous experiences with Cosmik Connection and NHX, I kept experimenting genres of music including fusion, jazz and dance. For the Nasty Factorz project, Ari and I decided to produce intense bass music and pave the way to a lot of improvisations in our creation.

FAJE: How are your musical styles similar? How do your musical styles differ or complement each other ?

G.H.: Ari Hoenig is a master of drums and rhythms, which he perfectly manages. With my saxophone, I dialogue with his music to create a duet with electro vibes. I try to push him to explore his instrument in this way.

FAJE: How does French-American cultural exchange come to play in your work? 

G.H.: It is difficult to talk about a mixing between French and American cultures. Ari and I definitely share our jazz background and influences. My electro inspiration comes from the 90’s French scene, and from the dub and drum’n’bass esthetics.

FAJE: Could you speak about your album ? What was your inspiration ?

G.H.: The album was recorded in June 2014, in New York. Our inspirations are very diverse, from Coltrane to King Tubby, Optical and Terry Riley.

FAJE: What impact did FAJE have on your album/tour ?

G.H.: FAJE allowed us to record an album and schedule a tour of six concerts in October 2017 for its release. The project still continues with dates in the USA and a tour scheduled in November 2018 in France.

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