Ensemble Intercontemporain Touring the US in November

August 12, 2015 | By Francerocks

The Ensemble Intercontemporain will be on tour in the US from Nov. 3rd until Nov. 16th. The Ensemble is a contemporary music ensemble of 31 soloists, dedicated to the performance and promotion of music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Under the artistic direction of Matthias Pintscher they are united by a shared passion for new music. They accompany composers in the exploration of new musical realms, nourished by inventions (new performance and extended techniques, computer music, etc.) and encounters with other forms of artistic expression such as dance, theatre, video and visual arts.

For the first time, since 2009, the Ensemble intercontemporain is back on tour in the US. They are planning an interactive tour with numerous concerts of different nature, inviting numerous high-class resident musicians, in order to create a pedagogical project within their two partner universities, Berkeley (California) and Chapell Hill (North Carolina). Transmission of know-how is one of the Ensemble’s main missions, besides creating music and producing concerts. Each stop on their journey through the US will give them a chance to organize a rich program of workshops and meet ups, in order to establish a dialogue between young composers and artists and the members of the Ensemble.

The tour will start on November 6th at the Hertz Hall at Berkeley with compositions written specifically for horn players Jens MacManama and Jean Christophe Vervoitte, Gla-Dya (2007) by Marco Stroppa that will highlight the individual musical qualities of the soloists. The Ensemble also likes to vary its musical “formats” as they will demonstrate at their last performance at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston on November 15th. During this performance the Ensemble will perform a musical correspondence between Pierre Boulez, founder of the ensemble, and the emblematic American musician, John Cage, striving to build a bridge between the two sides of the Atlantic.

Here are the performance dates:

11/6 @ UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA [tickets]
11/7 @ UC Berkeley - Berkeley, CA [tickets]
11/10 @ University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC [tickets]
11/11 @ University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, NC [tickets]
11/13 @ Library of Congress - Washington, DC [tickets]
11/15 @ Institut of Contemporary Arts - Boston, MA [tickets]

More about Ensemble intercontemporain here

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