SR9 Trio on Tour

August 29, 2016 | By Francerocks

The French Trio SR9 promotes a creative vision of contemporary western drumming. Their special way of reviewing and transcribing the works of the great composers shows how actively they commit to classical and contemporary musical heritage. It led them to study closely the complete works of Johann Sebastian BACH and they worked on a specific piece of it. They released their first CD "Bach au marimba" in October 2015 under the Label Naïve. They are currently on tour in the US.

The Trio SR9 was created in 2010 at the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon. In the past five years, they appeared on many stages and at large number of festivals, in France and abroad. In 2012, they won three prizes at the International Music Competition in Luxembourg: the First Prize, the Press Prize and the Public Prize.

Paul Changarnier, Nicolas Cousin and Alexandre Esperet are three young musicians who collaborate with various artists to explore other artistic fields, including dance and theater, and create new projects where all disciplines merge into one creative expression.

The Trio SR9 is sponsored by ADAMS Percussions and RESTA-JAY Percussions.
It is also supported par SPEDIDAM, the Institut Français, Ville de Lyon, and the Bureau Export.

Here are their upcoming shows in the US:

9/22 @ Boston Conservatory - Boston, MA:
9/23 @ Old South Church - Boston, MA:
9/24 @ Institute of Contemporary Art - Boston, MA
9/27 @ NYU - New York, NY
9/29 @ SO Percussion's Brooklyn Bound Series
10/01 @ Julliard Pre-College - New York, NY
10/03 @ Saint Peter's Church - New York, NY
10/04 @ NYU - New York, NY

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