Christine Salem

(Updated on 02/12/2014)

Christine Salem is one of the rare feminine voices of maloya with a strong and charismatic personality. Accompanied on a kayanm (her favourite instrument) Christine’s voice seems to float as she sings in Creole, Malagasy, Comoran or Swahili, mixing with subtlety music from the Indian Ocean with African rhythms.

In 2008, after almost 10 uninterrupted years on tour, Christine Salem feels like she needs to rest and to look into her roots. She undertakes a work of a new vein, writing music based on the rhythms played during ceremonies dedicated to ancestors in Madagascar, in Comoros and in Reunion Island.

Called “Rasinaz” this project becomes reality through several initiatory journeys to the original lands and gave birth to “Lanbousir” in 2010, an album displaying the unusual maturity of this extraordinary singer.