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Nov 20
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Danse: A Four Year Plan For Collaboration

For more than two decades, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States has promoted artistic exchanges between the United States and France in the field of contemporary dance.

With the France Moves Festival in 2001 and the creation of the French US Exchange in Dance (FUSED) fund in 2004, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy has long worked to bolster the presence of lesser-known French and American performers on both sides of the Atlantic.

This cross-cultural choreographic synergy culminated with DANSE: A French American Festival of Performance and Ideas, a multi-faceted initiative presented in New York, May 2014. The project brought together 17 companies from France and 13 New York-based organizations. Expanding the critical discourse associated with the events, an accompanying DANSE: An Anthology book was published by les presses du réel on the occasion of the festival, and a second text, DANSE: A Catalogue, is in its final stages of production.

Building on this momentum, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, in association with the French Ministry of Culture and Communication (MCC) and the Centre National de la Danse (CND), has launched a four-year plan for collaboration (2014-2018), also called DANSE. This project was created in partnership with Institut Français, FACE Foundation, and a network of arts organizations in France and the U.S.

DANSE provides a long-term platform for exploration and cooperation between our two countries with the goal of giving contemporary dance a more prominent voice within a wider public discourse. This will be accomplished through performances, residencies, film, critical writing, talks and publications.



• Build partnerships between French and American institutions

• Develop artists’ residencies and co-productions

• Publish essays by scholars, artists and curators on the role of dance today