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Publication By Centre National De La Danse (cnd): Actions, Mouvements Et Gestes By Noé Soulier


Actions, mouvements et gestes is a choreography that takes the form of a book. This work does not consist in creating new objects or events, but rather suggests ways of paying attention to what is already there. I try to develop different ways of conceiving movement that can affect the way we experience them. This research is thus situated at the narrow boundary between artistic practice focused on the viewer’s attitude and reflection on art intended not so much to decipher the meaning of works than to enrich the many ways of experiencing them. Actions, mouvements et gestes is a conceptual work that creates dance out of the multiple ways of looking at movement.”

Noé Soulier


Noé Soulier explores the way in which gestures are perceived and interpreted through various media: choreography, installation, theoretical essay and performance. In the solo work Mouvement sur mouvement (2013), he introduces a schism between discourse and gesture in order to question the way in which they collaborate to create meaning. In Removing (2015), a work for six dancers, he uses actions motivated by practical aims, whilst concealing anything making it possible to identify these aims, in such a way as to offer a choreographic record of these practical actions. Noé Soulier is associate artist of the Centre National de la Danse (CND) until 2017.


Mouvement sur mouvement was presented at Princeton University, part of Seuls en scène 2016 Festival and  Removing (Remixed) will be part of France Atlanta 2016

Publication - in French - by Centre National de la Danse - October 2016

“Carnets” series

ISBN: 978 2 914124 75 1

Price 15