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Cultural Attaché Sophie Claudel On The Art² Program

In this video, Sophie Claudel, Cultural Attaché and Head of the Arts Department at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States, presents the ART² festival that takes place in New York City from April 1st to April 28th, 2014. She exposes how this platform has been conceived after two years of work and conversations: ART² is a platform for generating “intellectual friction” between artists, arts professionals and those interested in contemporary art. The aim is to create links between people, to develop debates about the place of art in our world and to compare the cultural differences between France and the United States. The program of the platform includes seven areas of investigation: Art & Value, Art & Society, The Exhibition Machine (A History of Exhibitions by Artists), Composing Differences (The Political Stakes of Knowledge), Museums Today, The New Existentialism (Art Theory), and Art Criticism on the Radio (La Dispute/France Culture). Exhibitions, talks, conferences, workshops, publications and editorial matter will be part of these areas of investigation.