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Nov 20
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Cirva - Call For A Production Residency / Visual Artist

The Cirva (International Glass and Visual Arts Research Centre) launches a call for a residency in 2017-2018, intended to a visual artist.

Through this residency, the Cirva aims to further develop its mission as a centre of art andproduction dedicated to international contemporary creation, whilst supporting artists in allstages of their work, from research to exhibition.The Cirva offers a research and production residency to a visual artist on the basis of aproposal for a project outlined in a written proposal.

Project registration deadline: April 30, 2017

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The Cirva (International Glass and Visual Arts Research Centre) is a contemporary art centrelocated in Marseilles, France.It is dedicated to research, development and production, and is equipped with an impressiverange of glass working equipment, allowing the creation of one-off pieces and small series.Established in 1983, the centre welcomes artists who wish to use glass in innovative projects.